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YOUR CONSULTANT IS  Scents4Paws (Karen Valu)

My Story

I joined in November 2015 and since joining I have raised more than $37,000 through Scentsy sales alone. That has been donated to animal charities all throughout New Zealand.
Not surprisingly, I’m an animal lover and I'm extremely passionate about animal welfare. I have three animals of my own: my dog Odie, a ginger cat Simba, and a tabby cat TeeJay.

100% of my commission from all Scentsy sales is donated to animal charities in NZ

Have you thought about selling Scentsy?
In joining my Scentsy team, not only will you be running your own business and earning extra income for yourself, but you'll also be supporting rescue animals in New Zealand. So come on, let's start this Scentsy Journey together!

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